Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Hobby

Different people have different hobbies and interests as regard their specific instincts and behavior,concepts or thoughts. Hobbies can be different for different people but may be specific for a special cult or class of people who shares common interest or feature.
In fact, I want to say that my favorite hobby is surfing the Internet. During my free time, I love to surf the Internet. I'm always eager for knowledge and there's a lot of information and data on the Internet. It provides me with any subject I want to know such as news, history, scientific update. With a couple clicks on, I can get access to vast amount of information from all around the world. For example, if I want to know about global warming, instead of going to library and digging myself among tons of books, I can watch on-line video and read about it from my home.
Internet surfing is relatively new hobby in the world of hobbies and it is becoming more influencing with the progress in telecommunication sector. Inter net is an important part of life in today's century as it covers all aspects of life and benefit one the most. Whether you are student or teacher,child or grown up man,woman or man,mother or father,smaller or elder,you will find a lot for your benefit and learning whether you are surfing for pleasure or learning material,business or information,every thing is available in a large variety and spectrum.
Moreover, the Internet really helps me improve my English. In the past, it is difficult to find materials to learn English and most of them at my univerisity library are outdated. Nowadays, there are many websites that offeres English learning materials in many formats, like e-books, audiobooks, and broadband video. I can sit in front of my notebook at practice reading, writing, listening or even speaking skill through the Internet.
Finally, I have many friends through the Internet. There're many website, webboards, and blogs  that people can express and share their interests. I surf the inter net regularly on daily basis and fervently enjoys the innovations being in progress in the web development field. Though I am not a web programmer but aspires to become one of the coolest member of the top web development teams.
Besides all the above benefits of inter net,one should have be well aware of hackers,viruses and other useful information steal softwares along with the fake people trying to get your passwords to launder money from your bank account and the like stuff. Anyway,internet is a great source of pleasure,music,learning,personal development,home based earning,remote job management and above all the business side of it.

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